Strategies managed by Windsor Capital Management, LLC. Assets and accounts held at TD Ameritrade Institutional. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Asset allocation and diversification does not guarantee a profit. Windsor Capital Management, LLC and TD Ameritrade are not affiliated and TD Ameritrade does not manage or endorse the Plan Forward Portfolios.

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All of your investments in one place.

Explore the Plan Forward Portfolios client portal.

Plan Forward POrtfolios DAshboard:

  • Activity Summary

  • Allocation Summary

  • 1-Year Performance

  • Document Vault

  • Transactions

  • Planning Tools

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Activity Summary:

  • Provides a combined or individual view of each of your Plan Forward Portfolios accounts.

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1-Year Performance:

  • View your Plan Forward Portfolios 1-year performance data.

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Allocation Summary:

  • View how your Plan Forward Portfolios investment accounts are allocated.

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Document Vault:

  • A secure place to keep important documents for your reference or to share with your advisor.

  • Find documents such as newsletters and reports.

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