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Plan Forward Portfolios Advisory Fee

Industry Average Fee

Simple Average Expense Ratio of Equity Mutual Funds




A transparent, low-cost fee.

We charge a flat 0.25% annual advisory fee on the assets we manage for you, so you always know what to expect.

Plan Forward Portfolio's Offers:

✓ Low $1,000 Account Minimum

✓ Automatic Rebalancing

✓ Emotion-free Investing

✓ Secure Online Access

✓ Interactive Planning Tools

See how much you can save over time using Plan Forward Portfolios.

* "Plan Forward Portfolio's Advisory Fee" does not include internal expenses of the underlying investments. As of 1/3/19, the internal costs for an all equity portfolio are approximately .061%.


* "Industry Average Advisor Fee" does not include any additional internal expenses that may apply from products invested in. The 1.02% fee comes from a 2017 industry study and is based on a client with one million dollars. The financial advisor fee can vary greatly depending on many factors.  Source: 2017 data from Advisory HQ.


* "Simple Average Expense Ratio of Equity Mutual Funds" is an internal fund fee and does not include an advisory fee that an advisor might add on. The simple average expense ratio of equity funds (the average for all equity funds offered for sale) was 125 basis points in 2017. The asset-weighted average expense ratio for equity funds (what the average shareholders actually paid) was far lower— just 59 basis points. Source: 2018 Investment Company Fact Book.